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File Size Limits

Postby junior2k » Thu Oct 17, 2013 10:04 pm

Hi Guys,

New to Livedrive and using the Business Backup Service, trying to backup single files which are inexcess of 35GB each but they are just not uploading, don't show in the software but do show on the web as "not being uploaded yet". I've done all the usual, restart the server, restart services, run the integrity check etc.

It seems to have uploaded a number of files all between 10 and 30 GB but I have two that are 35GB and 85GB and they just don't even try and upload, is there a limitation within Livedrive for Single File Sizes?

I've got a couple of open support calls with them at the moment regarding some other issues but they don't seem particularly quick in getting back!!!

Thanks in advance

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