Re-installed Windows 7. Drive backed up again

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Re-installed Windows 7. Drive backed up again

Postby richardv » Wed Jun 27, 2012 3:59 pm

Hi all,

I have reinstalled my Windows 7 OS a month ago. After also reinstalling Livedrive on the new OS it begins to make a full backup of all my files (71GB) again.
I gave the machine the same name and also the drive letter is the same.
How can I make Livedrive recognize it is the same machine and same data?
I tried a few things and now have three machines showing in the online portal all named the same with overlapping backup sets.
One is a the original backup before the new Windows 7 and the two others are partial copies of that backup set.



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Re: Re-installed Windows 7. Drive backed up again

Postby demotricus » Sat Aug 10, 2013 5:10 am

Hi Richard - this is how Livedrive has been explained to me.
It uses a "De-duplication" technology to store your files - if your file copy`s have been uploaded once before, - any subsequent uploads will see the exact same files and rather than upload the entire file again, it creates a "pointer" to that file - so although it looks like you are uploading the whole machine again, you are not, but you ARE creating a new "Map or displayed machine and directory`s that display in your account as a new backup. - it`s untidy, but it means that you don`t have to upload each file again - the uploads will look as if they are completing quickly because they are not uploading the files again, - just searching for the same file in the livedrive storage, - seeing it and creating an entry in your "map or displayed backup.-It also gives YOU a record of your backup dates and times.
Now I`m no programmer, and I don`t know if I was being spun a yarn or not , but it DOES make sense.-It would save on internet bandwidth as you don`t upload the same files over and over, and it saves the physical amount of storage needed at the server.
My own livedrive backup is now displaying 5 different copies of the same machine (windows 8 - nuff said...), but I am assured that only one copy of each file actually is stored in the Livedrive storage.

Edit - just spotted the date - not 2013, but 2012 - Oh well, I`ll leave this post up as it might be useful to someone.

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Re: Re-installed Windows 7. Drive backed up again

Postby NeptuneUK » Sat Oct 12, 2013 10:44 am

As you did a full reinstall the machine hash would have changed.

The machine name is the easy thing that is displayed for us mere humans to understand.

As far as the LD software is concerned, you are backing up a new machine. IMHO this is the correct and expected operation. Annoying I know.

Do you now see two computer backup sets in your account seeting, both with the same name?

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