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Fiasco and forums down

Postby andylong42 » Wed Mar 21, 2012 12:35 pm

Just wanted to say what a fiasco the recent migration has been and, to top it all off, the forum has been offline for days. I wonder why this is? Could it be anything to do with not wanting disgruntled users to complain publicly?

Also, we have had emails apologising, yet they have not offered one penny of compensation to make up for the lack of service we have paid for. Here is my email (obviously ignored) sent to the CEO:-

Dear Andrew,

Firstly, I really appreciate your personal email which I think is a very brave decision to take.

I do, however, feel the current outage is unacceptable for a paid for service. There are many similar services available in what is a very competitive market space and I have always been an evangelist for Livedrive as I believe it is by far the best product. This has included posting reviews online where possible, especially on sites that have given unrealistically poor reviews.

I was wondering whether you would be considering any form of recompense for the current major problems as I am still paying for this service. I am not expecting a refund, however I would be happy if, once the issue is resolved, my account could be upgraded to include briefcase in future.

I feel this small gesture would help keep me as a happy customer and would compensate for the inconvenience I have experienced, further adding to the overall satisfaction I have with your product.

I look forward to your reply.

Kind regards,

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