New Web Portal et Web Site for Livedrive.

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New Web Portal et Web Site for Livedrive.

Postby pamart » Thu May 26, 2011 9:56 am

Livedrive have released a new version of his Web Portal.

We can congratulate the development team for this work. The interface is easier to use and most sexiest :mrgreen:

Unfortunately, we would have preferred that the technical problems are taken primarily on cosmetic appearance. Hopefully they will find the same energy to solve the problem of upload speed.

In recent additions, the packages have changed, there are now three. Since the inception of this company, prices are considerably increased and at the same time the storage capacity decreased, unlimited storage no longer exists. The performances make the use of service is virtually impossible. You can find user complaints on many forums.
Livedrive also proposes a new package for business users. IT manager in a company, I am not ready to use their services in a professional environment. It's annoying, because the concept is very interesting for a small business.

Hopefully Livedrive quickly corrects their performance issue.

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