Livedrive Wants To Reupload All Backed Up Data

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Livedrive Wants To Reupload All Backed Up Data

Postby marcus2704 » Sun May 10, 2015 10:26 am

Today the Livedrive software stopped working altogether, and advised me that it needed to be reinstalled. I uninstalled the software, and downloaded the latest version and installed that. Again, Livedrive refused to start, and advised me again I needed to reinstall.

I did this again selecting the option to remove settings and data, because the warning message only displayed applied to users of Briefcase, of which I am not.

The software installed, I signed back in, and it said that I am already backing up 'Home-PC' (which is the only PC I have and the one I backup) and that I would be signed out of that one if I continued. I cancelled this and attempted install and it goes straight to the place I previously was. Given I had no other choice, I Next'ed through the setup and all appeared to be well as now Livedrive would start.

However, it seems that although its the same PC with the same backup locations, Livedrive wants to reupload everything. Given that it took me months to upload over 9TB of data to the service, this is not acceptable to me and not something I want to entertain.

Nothing has changed except the software broke on my PC and I had to reinstall.

Please advise how I can fix this issue, I simply cant upload that amount of data again.

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