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Cannot find files.

Postby thecaptain » Sun Sep 28, 2014 4:49 pm

Okay, so I've had Livedrive for awhile and I've had some rough spots with it, but today is really burning me.

I decided to upload some of my pictures to Livedrive from my parents' computer (Windows 7) so that I could free up space for another set I was planning to take that night. I downloaded the Windows Livedrive Client and copied the pictures to the Livedrive Briefcase. They all showed up in Briefcase, just like they do on my Mac at home. Awesome, says I. I wait a bit and then delete the pics off my memory card and skip off to whatever comes next. I have done this before without any problems.

Fast forward to this morning-I go to look at the pictures and when I try to download them, they say -file not uploaded yet. Of course on my Mac at home, I can't see the damn files in Briefcase because they all have that .ld file type after them. So I go to the web portal to make sure they're ok. Some are, but most of them have a little orange arrow saying they weren't uploaded yet. Alarmed, I do an integrity check. No dice. So I get myself dressed and drive 30 minutes back to my parents (these are baby shower pics of a good friend, btw, hence the hurry) where I do an integrity check there. Nothing. I notice in my Briefcase on Windows, most of my photos are gray and some of them are popping up, but very slowly. Like so slowly time is going backwards. When I go to the detailed status to see how they're syncing up, most of them say SKIPPED and the ones I need say NOT UPLOADED. I will note that I have about 9 thousand photos in my Briefcase. So what happened? Are my photos gone? Will they show up after some indeterminate time? Did I do something wrong?


the captain

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